This is a page layout that doesn't need pictures

If you have a business that has some great photography then have a look at this page layout with pictures.

Like the home page all the colours can be changed to suit your brand.

If you are viewing this on a PC try dragging the window larger and see how it fills the screen beautifully and makes the most of the testimonial.

Don’t forget to look at the site on other devices

Now try looking at the site on your tablet or smartphone… it fits everything perfectly.

Don’t worry if you don’t use all the social media icons on this site. Like the newsletter link they are only visible if you need them. It’s all clever stuff!

If you have any questions about how TENT FLEX can be branded for your business. Or how the different sections can be added or structured. Or if you want to know more about the responsive nature of the site and it's benefits then please...
just ask us