Awesome Instagram

We’ve just added a new feature that is really fantastic! Instagram integration that is so much more than an simple Instagram feed.

We can connect TENT FLEX to your instagram feed and it will pull in your instagram grid into the scaling and architecture style of TENT FLEX. So as the FLEX site responds, the Instagram page also perfectly responds.

Rolling over and clicking on the images works just like the more basic Instagram plug in but here’s the great bit.

Our Instagram integration pulls all the pictures and text from your posts into the site to become fully searchable by search engines! This is something that the normal Instagram plug in does not do.

This means that with regular use and some text posts, the TENT FLEX instagram integration can replace the SEO benefits of a blog. Useful if you find Instagram easy to use but don’t have the time to create blog articles. Have a look at the page here on Jill Weatherburn’s site.

The page does not have to be called ‘Instagram’ – as you will see on Jill’s site it’s her ‘News & recipes’ page and as she never had time to write blogs, this has proved to be a great addition to her site.

Another small update

Another useful update is that on the wider home page browser width, the large responsive picture goes more widescreen in format to help keep more of the home page visible on the screen. It’s a small change but makes the largest site width a little more effective.

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