TENT FLEX – 26 June 2019 10:31

Cobblers shoes and all that! Our own website finally has one of our best new website features that we’ve developed recently – a full integration of Instagram.

Some websites now feature an Instagram feed but this doesn’t usually mean that content from the Instagram posts is fully integrated into the website.

Why is this important?

Because, if it isn’t properly integrated, from an organic SEO point of view, you’re missing a trick. The way that we have integrated Instagram into our websites means that the content is part of the site and therefore searchable by Google et al. With a standard feed, it’s not searchable content.

Search engines love new content, and regular site updates are one way of boosting your search rankings – but most of our clients don’t have the time or the need to add new content to their sites on a regular basis. This means that they don’t get good organic search improvements as there’s no new content for search engines to crawl through and use.

With an integrated Instagram account, every time our clients post on Instagram, which is generally daily or at least several times a week, their site gets new content. Brilliant!

Also, by using good search terms and keywords in their Instagram posts and hashtags this means the new content is even more useful for organic search.

Phewp! Hope that all made sense? In a nutshell, if you use Instagram and your website doesn’t have it fully integrated, you’re missing out on useful free SEO. Which isn’t smart.

Our websites now come with this as standard for clients who need it so if you’re considering a new site why not get in touch?

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