Some great new features

TENT FLEX has some great new features with our latest range of upgrades.

The most significant is the new large responsive picture option which can be used on the home page and text pages of the site. This really maximises the impact of images on the site and is especially useful if you have good photography to utilise. The large responsive picture option also comes with a gallery feature on regular pages so you can scroll through a lot of images and have them filling the screen – it also will work great if you have a mixture of landscape and portrait images.

Another new feature is the ability to customise the images on the site even more than before. Instead of just choosing between our old style tiled images or no pictures you can also at any point switch to the large responsive picture and with or without the smaller images running under it on the pages. This means that we can achieve a really clean and minimal look with TENT FLEX if that is what you’d prefer.

Another great feature is the logo block. Useful for restaurants wanting to show awards; trades showing their affiliations or professionals showing the organisations they are accredited with. This can be added to any text panel on the site so how you use it is very FLEXible! This feature will be completed very soon and we’l keep you posted.

If you have one of our older FLEX sites that lack some of these features and some of the previous features that we’ve added then please get in touch for our upgrade options.


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