Exceptional value for the specification

A TENT FLEX site costs only £895 designed, built and ready to use.

If we had developed a site like this for an individual client, the design and development would have cost £4,000 as a lot of work has gone into it. It’s probably the most technically advanced site we’ve ever created and it has been developed regularly since we first launched it in 2014.

To start the project

We ask for a 50% initiation fee – we’ll send an invoice for that. When the invoice is paid we will start the TENT FLEX site.

The balance is due when the website is put on the staging server and matches the visuals that have been approved. At this point the website is complete from a design and build perspective and it time for YOU to enter the content. If you have paid us to upload, edit or write the content then the final balance of the cost would be due once we have completed any agreed additional work. Please note that the TENT FLEX costs do not include the upload of your content but we can undertake this for you and even write the content for you.

Hosting is a separate cost like most web sites but we can also organise it for you.

Our hosting is £100 (plus VAT) per year. With our hosting there is no upload cost so it makes our hosting better value. The servers we use are UK based and are all solid state drives, using some of  latest server technology. If you want to use your own hosting our developers charge £36 to £72 to upload the site to your chosen hosting company and you will have to ensure it is suitable for WordPress sites and will run fast enough for the site. A lot of cheap hosting is not really that adequate so beware of cheap hosting packages!

Please note

When the site is first built it is put on a demo server so not visible to the public. It can remain on this staging server for 2 months before a quarterly charge of £40 (plus VAT) is charged. Of course most of our clients are keen to get their site live as soon as possible so they can start to take advantage of the benefits it brings to their business.

If you have any questions about how TENT FLEX can be branded for your business. Or how the different sections can be added or structured. Or if you want to know more about the responsive nature of the site and it's benefits then please...
just ask us