What's the process for creating your TENT FLEX website?

To create your new website, we work with you to look at your current brand identity and which elements of the TENT FLEX system works best for you.

All the colours can be changed to suit your business and the height of the logo panel at the top will also be altered to suit the size and proportion of your logo.

Whilst this is not a completely bespoke site build, it can be made to match your businesses brand very effectively and a lot better than an off the shelf template site which may have been used hundreds of times by developers, if not more.

TENT FLEX has been developed and designed from the ground up by us and is completely unique to us. We believe that it is one of the best responsive sites out there.

Once we start the project we will show you a visual of the home page and a text page with your brand, logo and colours and also we will suggest a good structure for the site navigation. When you are happy with this and have signed it off, we then build your site.

Key features

The site can work with or without pictures so if you only have a few pictures for your business then that also works well. When you do not use pictures the design changes automatically to make some of the typographical elements more dominant.

Apart from the home page which pulls in the latest news/ blog story there is a layout for a regular text page; a blog/ news section; a very neat case study section and a contact page with an interactive google map (which can be disabled if you prefer to have no map).

Look at this website on your computer and try dragging out the window larger and smaller to see how it responds in size. Try looking at this site on an iPad or tablet and rotate it between landscape and portrait views and lastly try looking at it on a smart phone. You will see that the site scales and arranges the content beautifully to fit all screen sizes.

There are editable text link panels, we call them ‘Call to Action’ panels, on each page and you can use these to direct someone to another page that you’d like them to read or that is somehow connected to that particular page. This could be a product, a service or an article. These are flexible and can change as often as you need them to.

The testimonials shown on every page help to demonstrate your expertise and that you offer a great service. These are very powerful marketing tools to use. This functionality can of course be switched off or you can use them for statements as we have on this website or statistics and facts about your product, service or sector.

Remember, this site is also very easy to update and even to add new sections and subsections to, so you’ll easily be able to keep it up to date and for it to grow with your businesses.

Once the site is built for your business you’ll be supplied with a training document (it’s in plain English but you do need to have a basic knowledge of PCs) and you can then upload the content for the site while it is on a non public domain. If you want training from us this can be arranged.

Once your TENT FLEX site is built it is put onto a secure staging server for you to start to add the content to.

What we need from you to start your website

1. clarification on site structure and pages you want – with or without pictures – home, what pages, blog, cases studies, contact etc.

2. examples of your current brand – anything you’ve had printed, pics of the car branded up, pic of the signage, pic of the uniform and anything else that would give us an idea of your overall brand.

3. Your logo as a good quality jpeg or vector eps file.

Please note

To keep the cost of the site down, you as the client would need to upload the text and pictures. The content management is very straightforward though so is not a daunting task.

If you would like all your content uploading for you then tent would be able to undertake this for you and the cost would simply depend on the amount of content. See ‘Other things we can help with’.

We strongly recommend that you have a training session for the website as this will enable you to get to grips with the site a lot more quickly. We also offer support packages too.  See ‘Other things we can help with’.

If you have any questions about how TENT FLEX can be branded for your business. Or how the different sections can be added or structured. Or if you want to know more about the responsive nature of the site and it's benefits then please...
just ask us